Preview Omniscope 3.0

Universal web application for high-performance data processing, analytics and reporting

Try Omniscope 3.0 on our demo sandbox

Omniscope 3.0 is pre-release alpha software. We're still ironing out the kinks, and making it ready. Rome wasn't built in a day. Until it's ready, please feel free to play with our demo sandbox. Create a new file, and get started by adding some blocks - demos, analytics, preparation, reports. If you have any feedback, drop us a line.

Recently added

  • Analytics blocks
  • High-performance Regression block
  • Custom Python block
  • Pin dialogs
  • Multiple reports per file
  • Multiple sources per report
  • Print-ready free-form page layout
  • Export report as PDF
  • Custom JavaScript views
  • Impala & Redshift live query
  • Beautiful views from Highcharts
  • WebGL maps from MapBox
  • Validate block
  • Scheduled execution
  • Parameterised execution
  • DoubleClick
  • Number/date formatting in views
  • CSV upload
  • JDBC driver administration
  • Brushing in all views
  • Report sharing
  • IOD fast streaming data format
  • IOZ project interchange format
  • IOR report interchange format
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Formula-driven Content View
  • Custom data colouring
  • JSON/XML data source
  • Bulk field organiser block
  • Anomaly detection block


  • Web-based admin UI
  • Web-based scheduler UI
  • Batch publishing
  • Multi-user Report variants
  • Workflow execution usability
  • High performance Classification block
  • Automatic data refresh
  • Multi-table filters
  • Grouping blocks
  • Snapshot block
  • Bookmarks