Omniscope Desktop Edition

Integrates two distinct workspaces in a single, in-memory, file-based application that enables agile, 'best practise' data sharing solutions with end user self-sufficiency spanning the entire workflow; data import, integration, transformation, analysis and presentation/publication:
  • DataManager: data import from most sources, preparation/transformation, integration and delivery of processed data sets in a wide variety of formats
  • DataExplorer:  interactive visual data discovery & analysis, multi-tab, multi-view reporting/'dashboarding'/publication in a wide variety of formats

Users can quickly connect to local, network or online data sources, transform/scrub and integrate the data, then seamlessly create a refreshable, interactive multi-view report, deliverable to recipients in a wide variety of static and interactive formats, most powerful being via the Omniscope free Viewer. Chains of self-refreshing Omniscope files enable powerful sequences of import/scrubbing, integration, transformation, analysis and reporting across individuals, departments and organisations.

  • No specialised skills, developers or server deployment required; all features available on your desktop      
  • Mouse-driven interface and familiar file-based paradigm means short learning curve   
  • Client-side in-memory for instantly interactive point-and-click data visualisations and what-if modelling    
  • Convergence of three dimensions: structural (graphs, charts), spatial (maps, networks) & visual (images, video)
  • Enterprise report permissioning with or without Active Directory, LDAP or SharePoint
  • Secure data file publishing: multi-layer file security options including time limiting, server directory authentication, domain locking, walled gardens, and more
  • Hybrid 'browser-plus' experience combining offline functionality with web-based apps/services in embedded browsers 
  • Server automation available for real-time 24/7 refresh and interactive reporting (scheduled, on-demand, push/pull) 

DataManager workspace

Intuitive layout of connected operations and repeatable data flows for cleaning, joining, pivoting, aggregating and filtering data sources via an easily auditable tree. Operations can be dropped in at any stage and edited by opening the block and clicking on options. One-click loading of prepared data into Omniscope DataExplorer in-memory visualisation workspace.

Direct Connectors to 'cloud' sources like Salesforce,Google Analytics, DoubleClick, BigQuery, FB-Atlas, Twitter, Facebook and more being added every week.

Outputs available in a wide variety of interactive and static document formats including data files, database tables, emails, printing, PDF, PPT. Multiple, personalised outputs can be scheduled and delivered using Omniscope Server Batch reporting.


DataExplorer workspace

Configurable interactive multi-tab, multi-view presentation interface for visual discovery, analysis and shareable reporting/'dashboarding' featuring 18 interactive data views. Incorporates formulae, assumption variables, interactive maps, multimedia links and 'round trips' to powerful analytic libraries like R. Combines structural views (graphs, bars, etc.) with spatial (maps, floorplans) and visual (images, video).

Configure using dropdown menus - no special skills or development needed, but open to custom JavaScript and R if you want to incorporate your own scripts.

File-based hybrid desktop-web architecture converges desktop and web applications for either local or server-hosted in-memory visualisation with web apps and services in embedded browser views. 


Omniscope Server Edition

Server Editions provide all the file configuration capabilites of Desktop licenses, plus contain additional programs and processes like the Scheduler, Mobile Web Server and Admin Web Server. These additional processes can run 24/7 to provide chronological and event-driven options for automating reporting workflows (including both data refresh and delivery), unlimited batch personalisation of reports/dashboards, abilility to host HTML5 web versions of Omniscope reports for consumption via modern browsers on mobile devices, options to empower free Viewers to export & live-refresh data, and more... see Omniscope Editions.

New in Omniscope version 2.9

New Features:

 More detail is here


New Operations:

Geocoding - look up geographic coordinates                               

iGeolise - overlay travel times on maps 

New formula functions: 

  • UNIX_SECONDS_TO_DATE Converts UNIX seconds to date
  • HTTPREDIRECT(URL) Retrieves the HTTP redirect target
     for a URL, 
    if the server provides one. 
(See Functions Guide for full listing)


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