Coordinate Merge Files

Free Coordinate Lookup Files

Add reference data like longitude and latitude columns quickly

Lookup or merge files are Omniscope files containing columns of useful data you can quickly add to your own files using merge operations. Geographic coordinates for countries, cities and post codes can be imported into Omniscope files using lookup/merge files like those below.

From version 2.6, the Lookup data menu available from the DataManager workspace contans an increasing number of useful data sets ready to merge into your files. For users of Professional 2.5 and prior, below we offer a free library of Omniscope IOK format merge files containing decimal latitudes and longitude coordinates as well as other useful reference data.

Geographic coordinate merge files:

Add data columns such as the latitudes and longitudes of capital or major cities or the geographic centres of countries to your files automatically using our By Countries, By Cities or By Post Codes merge files. Once merged into your data sets, these addtional columns of geographic coordinates permit your records to be plotted automaticaly in the Map View, using either embedded vector maps (that work offline) or the zooming online mapping services available in the Map View.

Map Coordinates by ISO Country Codes (with capital cities):

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By ISO Codes Countries Merge file (IOK) 46 KB

Use this free merge file to import decimal map coordinates if your data includes ISO 2 or 3-letter, or numeric, codes. This file also includes official ISO spellings of Country Names and Capital cities in English. You can import coordinates of capital cities or the geographic centre of the countries, or both.

Note: the flag images cannot be merged in with the data. Instead, you must download the flag images from the image catalogue, export the flag images to a folder, then associate the images with your file using the ISO 2-letter codes you can import from this file.

Map Coordinates by major cities and countries:

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By Cities Merge file (IOK) 1.0 MB

Use this free merge file to add decimal coordinates of about 57,000 cities based on the city (and ideally also the country) names in your file. There are some duplicate city names, so either you must specify the country name/ISO code columns as additional join/merge criteria, or filter the file to remove countries and duplicate cities not in your file. Instructions and links to further help are contained in the file.

Map Coordinates by Post Codes:

These Omniscope merge files contain columns of geographic coordinates (decimal longitudes and latitudes) keyed to post codes. If your data sets include a column of postal codes, you can use these IOK files to add geographic coordinates to your files.

GB Map Coordinates by Post Codes

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GB Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 0.1 MB

Use this free merge file to add decimal longitude and latitude columns corresponding to the centres of British 4-character Post Codes, plus 6-digit British Ordinance Survey coordinates, to your files. This file can also be used to add Post Codes to files containing Ordinance Survey coordinates. Instructions and links to further help are contained in the file.

Note: a full character UK post code file is available from the DataManager workspace Lookup data menu (2.6+)

US Map Coordinates by Zip Codes

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US Zip Codes Merge File (IOK) 0.9 MB

Use this free merge file to add decimal longitude and latitude columns corresponding to the centres of 42,192 5-digit Zip Code districts, including those located outside the 50 States. Contains two formats, 5 digits of zero-padded text, and unpadded integer numbers (up to 5 places). Instructions and links to further help are contained in the file.

Other Countries- Add Map Coordinates by Zip/Postal Codes:

FranceFrench Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 127 KB
GermanyGerman Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 183 KB
ItalyItalian Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 122 KB
BelgiumBelgian Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 32 KB
DenmarkDanish Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 20 KB
SwitzerlandSwiss Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 63 KB
AustraliaAustralian Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 71 KB
CanadaCanadian Post Codes Merge File (IOK) 43 KB

Use the above free merge files to add map coordinates based on post code fields (columns) in your data. Other country files are available... if you need another country, please contact us. For a list of available Maps, see our Maps Library.