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Powerful data management & visualisation for PC, Mac & Linux
Explore, integrate, transform, analyse and present/publish highly-visual, interactive data-bearing reports, 'dashboards' and decision-support tools with editable data in interactive point-and-click graphs, charts and maps, featuring integrated web content, slider-driven simulation models, and much more...

Distribute your Omniscope reports as fully-interactive desktop IOK files opening in the free Omniscope Viewer, and/or use the new hosted HTML5/JavaScript web browser deployment option to reach web portals/pages, iPads, Android tablets and ChromeBooks (2.9+)

Omniscope goes mobile
Omniscope 2.9 can now display touch-friendly interactive Reports in mobile devices with web browsers only, like iPads, Android tablets and Chromebooks.
R Analytics Integration
Omniscope integrates with open source analytics libraries written in the R language, making R-based analytics more accessible and productive since data scientists and business users can work together, each doing what each does best.
Mapping with ESRI

Omniscope integrates with ESRI tools like ArcGIS to unlock vast archives of mapping content to help bring location analytics to bear on general-purpose analysis by business users.

New in Omniscope 2.9
  • Mobile browser reporting
  • Mobile Web Server hosting
  • Enterprise authentication
  • Browser downloads-data&PDF
  • Chromium-based web views
  • Bookmark sharing
  • Distributable branding packs
  • Regular Expressions search
  • ESRI feature layers feed
  • ESRI geo-coding operations
  • iGeolise travel time operation
  • Improved map colours
  • DoubleClick Report Builder
  • Facebook Atlas Connector
  • Google Analytics update
  • Criteo Connector
  • Sizmek Connector update
  • Ingres/Vectorwise Connector
  • Content view improvements
  • Pivot View improvements
  • Server Admin Web App
  • Linux server support

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Visokio works together with Reseller Partners to provide complete Omniscope solutions:

roundCorner has partnered with Salesforce to develop NGO Connect to help non-profits manage lifetime relationships with their constituents.

PI builds on Omniscope to provide tailored solutions to UK local authorities, the NHS and other public and private sector organisations.

Atheon rolls out Omniscope within major consumer goods companies including Nestle and Colgate.

Avizua is our newest Reseller operating throughout France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Instem is bringing Omniscope to the world of biomedical data sets.

Why Omniscope?
Uniquely feature-rich, 'hybrid' desktop/web client combining very powerful in-memory data analysis, transformation/ETL workspace, and visualisations with interactive filtering and branded presentation.
Installs in seconds with no technical support or server required to get started - works standalone on the desktop as a point-and-click immersive and intuitive interface.

All-inclusive modest annual fee for all upgrades & support; free Viewers and unlimited free interactive views of web browser versions incrementalise deployment costs and reduce average cost-per-seat.

Omniscope Editions