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Powerful data management & visualisation for PC, Mac & Linux
Explore, integrate, transform, analyse and present/publish highly-visual, interactive data-bearing reports, 'dashboards' and decision-support tools with editable data in interactive point-and-click graphs, charts and maps, with integrated web content, slider-driven simulation models, and much more...

Distribute your Omniscope reports as fully-interactive desktop IOK files opening in the free Omniscope Viewer, and/or use the new hosted HTML5/JavaScript web browser deployment option to reach web portals/pages, iPads, Android tablets and ChromeBooks (2.9+)

Omniscope in Finance
The world's top banks, hedge funds and financial publishers are using Omniscope for:
  • Asset management
  • Portfolio trading
  • Risk management
Omniscope in Retail
Major retailers and consumer goods companies are leveraging Omniscope to improve performance:
  • Category management
  • POS reporting
  • Out-of-stock analysis
  • Promotion analysis
New in Omniscope 2.8
  • Radar View
  • Parallel Coordinates
  • Tag View text clouds
  • New Pivot and Pie Views
  • Map View location analytics
  • Device View filter displays
  • Sub-tabs for presentations
  • Global timezone analysis
  • DropBox, GoogleDrive
  • Much faster aggregation
  • Joint query/filter devices
  • Custom JavaScript blocks
  • Easier XML import
  • Scheduler Task List admin
  • Linux server support
  • Connectors - Google BigQuery, Flashtalking
  • ...and much, much more

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Visokio works closely with Reseller Partners to provide Omniscope solutions for many vertical markets:

Atheon rolls out Omniscope within major consumer goods companies including Nestle and Sainsburys.

PI relies on Omniscope for their real time data services to local authorities, the NHS and other public sector organisations.
Invizua supplies Omniscope services to media, marketing & market research organisations.
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Omniscope is different
Uniquely feature-rich, 'hybrid' desktop/web client combining very powerful in-memory data analysis with interactive filtering and branded presentation.
Installs in seconds with no technical support or server required - works standalone on the desktop as a point-and-click immersive and intuitive interface.

All-inclusive modest annual fee for upgrades & support, free read/query/print-only Viewers reduce cost per seat & incrementalise deployment costs.

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